Feasibility Study

Our feasibility study service is an assay compatibility test for assessing your assay’s compatibility with the GeneFluidics platform.

Step 1: Ship Reagents

Step 1 - Ship Reagents

After discussing assay requirements, you will receive an assay compatibility study plan along with a quote. After you accept the plan and quote, ship your wet reagents or dry powder and diluent to us for evaluation and testing.

Step 2: Reagent Evaluation

Step 2 - Evaluate

A preliminary test will be conducted to evaluate your assay’s compatibility with GeneFluidics’ sensor platform and to determine if further testing should be performed.

Step 3: Performance Testing

Step 3 - Test

A range of analyte concentrations will be tested to assess the detection sensitivity and linearity. A complete assay performance and compatibility report will be generated.

Available Multiplex Assay Types

  • Hybridization-based genetic assay
  • Immunoassay
  • Electrolyte assay
  • Electrochemical assay

Available Functionalized Surfaces

  • Carbonxyl, hydroxyl, amine
  • Biotin, streptavidin
  • Dextran, antibodies, DNA probes
  • Bare gold and custom surfaces also available


  • Assays will be conducted using the Proteus Robotic System.
  • All reagents and target samples are to be provided by the customer.
  • GeneFluidics does not test hazardous or contagious samples.

Prices vary depending on specifications. Please call for pricing.