Robotic Lab Automation System

The Proteus Robotic System is designed to automate procedures that typically require extensive labor by skilled technicians. Standard operations include sample preparation, liquid handling, and multiplexed molecular analysis.

Modular & FlexibleModular & Flexible

The Proteus Robotic System supports a variety of configurations to meet the broad range of testing and general demands of laboratories. Typical research* applications include:

  • Pathogen identification
  • Cell culture
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Cancer marker research
  • Immunoassay testing
  • Reagent serial dilution and aliquoting

* GeneFluidics’ products are currently for Research Use Only — Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Highly Efficient

The Proteus Robotic System has the capacity to perform up to 96 multiplexed assays per hour, quantifying multiple proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules simultaneously.

Built upon GeneFluidics’ sensor technology, Proteus can handle unprocessed biological samples without the need of sample purification or amplification.

Proteus’ low sample volume requirement of 4 uL to 6 uL per assay helps to conserve precious samples.


Proteus Workflow
Proteus Workflow

Video Demonstration

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