Sensor Chips

On each SC1000-16X sensor chip, 16 independent assays can be performed. Multiple surface functionalization options are available for adapting a wide range of reagents.

Reagent and Assay Compatibility

GeneFluidics’ detection technology is compatible with most ELISA and hybridization-based genetic assay reagents. The compatibility is mainly determined by the available conjugation options for immobilizing capture molecules onto the sensor surface.

Pre-functionalized sensor chips are available for easy immobilization:

  • COOH
  • -NH2
  • -OH
  • Streptavidin
  • Biotin
  • Bare gold
  • DNA probes
  • Antibodies
  • Custom surfaces
 Assay Parameters

Recommendations can be provided upon request, and an assay compatibility evaluation service is also available.

Assay parameter considerations include:

  • Capture and detector probe concentrations
  • Coating and secondary antibodiy concentrations
  • Conjugation type for optimal orientation
  • Incubation time
  • Blocking agents for different sample types (urine, saliva, blood, culture media)
  • Buffer compatability among all reagents
  • Wash buffers and washing conditions
Product Information

All sensor chip packs are shipped in a nitrogen-purged moisture-resistant foil pack with a shipping sticker, adhesive film wells, and a film well applicator.

The included adhesive wells are used for holding large droplets over all three electrodes.

Shelf life is one year under proper storage conditions

Each pack contains 5 sensor chips (minimum 1 pack per order)

Each 5 pack of sensor chips ordered (16X-B) comes in a moisture resistant foil bag with shipping sticker, 5 green film wells and a film well applicator. This weighs 0.076 lbs.

Everything listed above in a shipping box weighs 0.45 lbs.

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